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At Car Detailing Gainesville FL we believe in a full service auto detail. That’s why we don’t use everyday products and use high end products and high end services. Our ceramic coating Gainesville services are a great example of why we are the best mobile detailing Gainesville FL has to offer. Ceramic coatings are the new industry standard for protecting your vehicle against the hard and harsh elements that it is exposed to on a daily basis. With harsh rain, sun, mud and everyday driving bringing down dirt and grime onto your car exterior, ceramic coatings are becoming a must to ensure the value and top quality of your vehicle. 

We here at Car Detailing Gainesville FL Pros offer many different ceramic coating options that come with 1 to 5 years worth of protection. That type of protection is priceless when ensuring the value of your car stays. Due to many factors that affect the ceramic coating installation process, we require information regarding the vehicle and expectations of the client to ensure proper preparation and results can be achieved. We know every car is unique and special, so every coating should be tailored to that specific car.

​Please contact us to create the perfect ceramic coating package for you and we will come to you with the best service and expert knowledge.

The best and easiest way to understand what a ceramic coating is, is to imagine it as your car's second skin. It is like an extra layer of protection to ensure your paint job stays pristine and shining like it was painted on that day. Ceramic coatings create an extremely hydrophobic layer on top of your vehicle's paint that protects it against etching, staining, and micro-marring for the life of the coating. The protection these ceramic coatings offer is unrivaled and unmatched. Many of our customers are looking into the power of ceramic coatings rather than paint corrections and self-cleaning efforts. This service of ours is becoming more and more popular with all of the benefits it offers to our customers and their cars.


Everything outside is constantly attacking your car’s surface when you drive and even when it is just parked. Whether it be mud, dirt, the sun, water, tree gum or brake dust, all of these harsh elements can deteriorate the exterior of your car. Trying to constantly car wash Gainesville weekly or sometimes daily, to get these unwanted elements off of your car’s surface is time consuming and let’s face it, not much fun. Waxing your car can help give some small protection but will only last months at best and is not nearly as effective as a ceramic coating. These coatings can last up to five years. We are big supporters of ceramic coatings as it is the latest technology in protecting your car's paint job. If this is something that you are interested in, call us today and we will come to you when you need us, where you need us!

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